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Orthoceras Squid Fossil Tree 400 Million Years Old From Morocco and Silurian Age. Underwater life thrived during the Silurian Period, 443 million years ago to 416 million years ago. The Silurian Period occurred from 443 million to 416 million years ago. It was the third period in the Paleozoic Era.

Orthoceras was an ancient mollusk (squid) that lived more than 400 million years ago. The name means straight horn, referring to the characteristic long, straight, conical shell. The preserved shell is all that remains of this ancestor of our modern-day squid.

Item # C-16
★ Material: Orthoceras Squid Fossil
★ Size: # 1 approx 9" tall  / # 2 approx 8" tall 
★ Weight: # 1 is 3.5 (lb) pounds  /  # 2 is 3.1 (lb) pounds

When photographing our crystals, although we do our best to get the best representation of the true colors of our crystals and stones, sometimes there might be a slight variation. Due to computer screen resolutions as well as lighting and photography, colors may vary slightly. 

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Please note that all crystals and stones may have various inclusions, chips, cracks or other markings that make each stone unique. Please refer to the photos of each item to view them prior to purchasing. These are not "defects" but are natural markings and inclusions. 

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Recommendations care:
- Some creation colors may differ according to your monitor setting. 
- Do not drop them from a height.
- Avoid contact with perfume or hairspray if possible.
- If necessary, wipe them with a damp SOFT cloth. 

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